Nasser Molfzai is a graduate of carpet and carpet artists

Nasser Molfzadi. Born in 1358, I was born in a fully-fledged family who have been carpet makers since our generations.

In the year 72, I got the finishing qualification of carpet weaving and looking forward to a new and fresh carpet and its production.

In the year 1375, with the production of religious carpets, sparks highlighting this kind of carpet in my mind came.

With the recognition of texture and dullness and a bit of dyeing, I began to produce and highlight the work of these carpets in a completely creative way.

And with the test and the error

That was excellent and successful

In 2011, she completed her undergraduate degree in completing her knowledge of carpet in the sixth semester and finished with the highest rank.

I then started a master’s degree in art that is currently preparing a master’s degree in subject matter

I have a look at the decoration of the carpet with emphasis on highlighting the art history of Iran

About 22 years of outstanding work experience

I compiled a high school teaching book that will be published after the thesis

And I have an artistic degree in the field of highlighting

And I got the first rank of the creative and innovative festival of Tabriz Eriskaya in the carpet section with this carpet.

There was a short hole

In the case of carpet highlighting, that is, manual payment

It is possible to mention the history of this type of carpets in the historical works of Baharestan carpet

Which, according to the writings, was woven from a variety of jewels and gold and wires

Which was featured in the carpet

Embellished carpets have more decorative aspect and more wall mounts are used

But nowadays, with the introduction of other methods, underlayment carpets can also be highlighted

It should be said that the benefits of the carpet can be noted

Create later in the carpet and exit the uniform mode

In manual payment, it can work perfectly with the bugs in the carpet or the desired thickness

Machine machining creates heat while cutting, causing a change of color and rustiness in the carpet

Which makes a difference in comparison with the manual payment

And the beauty that it creates in the carpet also affects the economy and sales

And the very important thing is considering the issue of job creation

The highlight is a stroller carpet that will be added to the carpet other than the various stages of production and will generate income.








An example of carpets and carpets that have been featured on them

Source: Nasser Molfzadi, a graduate of carpet and carpet artists

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