Artistic highlights of various Persian carpets and rugs in different sizes and ranges

The art of dance scissors on the carpet from the very beginning of the work of knitting rugs has come to this art and has been able to open up a place among friends’ art, so that today more than 70% of woven rugs Influenced by outstanding artists.
The art of symmetry and proportionality in volumetricity, which is considered to be the highest artistic rank, was performed for the first time in the history of Iran’s carpet by top-performing artists with the highest level of attention on the level of the carpets. This featured on the unstable wool fiber The tool error is irreparable, it is a terrible and unlikely task.

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Nasser (Yashar) Malfouzi Born in 1979, Master of Arts in History of Iran, a senior student in the field and for three consecutive semesters, has a master’s degree in design of top-rated carpets, holds the only degree in artistic work in the field of handicraft carpet upholstery by the Artists’ Quartercentury history and 25,000 outstanding carpets. The invention of various methods of highlighting and inventing tools and presenting the book of highlighting the work and formulation of the international standard of this art and the establishment of a high school of art and participating in various exhibitions and the first rank of the festival of creativity and innovation of the Islamic world “IRCICA” In the year 96, presenting workshops on the art fields of Tabriz University of Technology in Isfahan and providing classes on the national level of national carpet in the unions and providing training courses in the vocational and technical organization in all parts of the country.


۲۷th Iranian handmade carpet exhibition

Hall 5 and 5a, pavilion 35

Eighth Top Rug Festival

With goals such as promoting the production of quality carpets and efforts to encourage and encourage producers and sellers to produce and supply quality carpets and patterns for carpet production simultaneously with the 27th exhibition of handmade carpets.

Mushroom Cushion Carpet

Salimi carpet

Brushes of the Sultan

hunting carpet

Green hunting carpet

Heavenly Morning Carpet

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